Every number in image refer to the description which are described under of imgae

: 1 Number

Choose your search engine by country - in which country would you like to search

: 2 Number

Looking for your search engin

: 3 Number

Select the search engine

Fro example we select Iran

Then click OK

With this process, the software extract email addresses from Iranian websites

Search by the keyword

Enter the keyword

For example: real state

: 4 Number

This part refer to count of websites that software will search

More is beter and have more result in extracting emails and of course the time of search is more too

: 5 Number

This option refer to search just in main page of website

: 6 Number

This part refer to the depth of search and need more time for search and result

: 7 Number

This part is like Number 6

: 8 Number

This option show the links instead of email addresses or phone number

: 9 Number

Extracting one link from every website accroding to you searched keyword

: 10 Number

This part refer to the website which is searching by software

: 11 Number

The number of links which are found

: 12 Number

The number of links which are searched

Number 13 :

The number of Phone or Email addresses which are found

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